I am a software engineer currently living in Portland Oregon that specializes in JavaScript, both client-side and on the server running on Node.js. I went to college for two years studying web design and development, after which I dropped out to get into the market. I have almost a decade of experience working on the web.

I currently own and operate Umbra Engineering LLC, through which I do all of my business. If you would like to hire me or work with me, please contact me through Umbra.

You can read my blog on topics of web programming and general web development at http://blog.jbrumond.me.

Open Source

I work on many open source works, most of which can be found on my Github Profile. Some of my favorites are listed below.


A JavaScript micro-framework for adding drag-and-drop functionality to elements for advanced UI development.


A simple JavaScript class system with features like classical inheritence, mixin-based multiple inheritence, namespacing, and super. (Works in both browsers and Node)


A very lightweight polyfill framework for client-side JavaScript.